Equipment Service & Repair

Making the decision to purchase materials handling equipment is always a calculated one. Tri-Lift offers a variety of services to help with that decision. Whether you are a small, medium or large business or corporation, Tri-Lift Inc. is your answer for service. We are able to surpass the competition through our core of dedicated technicians, state-of-the-art technology, as well as multiple locations. No matter the make, model or year no job is ever too big or too small, and every job is done right- the first time. We offer on-site, in-house and planned/scheduled maintenance programs.


Tri-Lift Inc. has the mobility to maintain and repair with the urgency you need and expect. Our technicians troubleshoot on the spot, with state of the art diagnostic tools. Technicians’ vehicles are always stocked, making them literally small, functional moving shops in themselves. They are always equipped with the parts tailored to their customer’s needs. The best part? This is all based around 24/7 availability along with multiple contacts.


Within our facilities, we employ mechanics that work on a wide range of equipment. With several connections through our dealer network, we always have access to additional resources when needed. Standing behind our experts are multiple locations equipped with every resource needed to get the job done.

Planned/Scheduled Maintenance Programs:

What is the cost to your business when your equipment breaks down? Do you know when the engine oil or air filter was changed last? Tri-Lift Inc. offers planned maintenance programs that are designed around your specific usage requirements monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

On-Site Emissions Testing:

Tri-Lift also has an emissions testing program for your forklift that will help you keep up to speed on what is going on in your warehouse. We will come to your facility and test each piece of equipment. We will provide you with a print out of each machine tested and provide a sticker for all tested equipment showing the test date. Testing is as low as $80.00 per unit.