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Our PM programs are designed to prolong the life of your forklift and improving uptime.

Programs can be customized to meet your environment, safety protocol and application demands. Not all planned maintenance services are the same. We at Tri-Lift, Inc recognize that every customer is not the same and their needs are different, therefore we install flexibility to our service offerings.

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PM Maintenance Program (PM)

This program, flat rates the labor portion of the service, which reduces the overall cost versus above plan. There is no travel expense for this service. An agreement is signed annually that will fix your cost on labor and will set a schedule of services need for the year agreed upon by customer. Agreement can be cancelled with 90-day notice.

This program is a cost effective way to keep your unit in peak operating condition, while making sure it remains safety compliant on a frequent period.

Managed PM Maintenance Program (MPM)

This program provides the same service as the (PM) program but will give the customer the ability to pay monthly for all parts and labor used for pm services. The monthly cost will reflect number of services needed in a year to keep unit in top peak condition. The cost for each service performed includes parts and labor, times the number of services per year divided by 12 to come up with monthly payment. No interest. This program allows customers to better budget their monthly maintenance expense and reduces the need for multiple po’s or checks.

planned maintenance program

Planned Maintenance Benefits

A proper Planned Maintenance program can literally save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the life of a forklift or other material handling equipment. Factor in the added costs of lost productivity, calling for service and the scramble to get the job done during downtime, and your operating budget can get out of control. 

  • Aiding in the protection of equipment life
  • Providing safety, operational and visual inspections
  • Increasing uptime and productivity
  • Reducing “emergency” downtime
  • Increasing trade-in value

Let us create a service plan that works for you! Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to request a planned maintenance program.