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Upgrade your fleet today and experience the difference with our reliable lithium solution. 

Lithium Advantages:

  • Longevity – lead acid has a life span of 1,200 to 1,500 cycles and if you are opportunity charging this will greatly reduce its life. Lithium has a life span of 3,500 cycles and is built and designed to hand opportunity charging.
  • Runtime – A lithium battery can run 3 shifts a day without the need for additional batteries, providing the process of opportunity charging is used.
  • Maintenance Cost – Lithium does not need watering, cleaning, equalizing acid levels, and swapping out batteries.
  • Energy Savings – Lithium batteries are 30% more efficient than a comparable lead acid battery and will result in lower electricity costs over time.
  • Space Savings –With Lithium there is no need to have a separate area in the plant for charging forklift batteries because lithium does not gas when charging like a lead acid battery does. Thus, the company can recapture this area for more production or storage for the operation.
lithium battery

What Makes Tri-Lift’s Lithium Solution Different:

  • Our Lithium battery is a LiFeP04 chemistry which does not contain nickel or cobalt in it. Both materials are rare and expensive and have environmental impacts and must be mined.
  • Our lithium can run in greater operating temperature ranges.
  • Our LiFePO4 lithium batteries have very high thermal and chemical stability. There are multiple built-in protections, including overcharging, over-discharging, overheating and short circuit protection. This makes our solution one of safest Lithium in the market.
  • Optional way to acquire Lithium: Tri-Lift can finance a lithium package with a new truck purchase or if you want to upgrade an existing truck.


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