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Are Your Maintenance Costs To High?

Are Your Maintenance Costs To High?

You might be asking yourself how we can reduce these costs. There are many factors that can contribute to your true maintenance costs, some include salaries, labor, parts, and most importantly down-time! It’s difficult to reduce all costs areas at one time. Start with listing areas where you are spending your budget. Look section by section for alternative solutions to your current plan.  One of these areas should focus on replacement parts. Did you know that 45% of maintenance costs are attributed to parts? Strategize you your parts program and reduce costs. This will help cut down on the biggest hidden maintenance costs, dreaded down-time.


Tri-Lift’s 3-Step Target Program

Step one: Tri-lift Inc. will have one of our specialists perform a free fleet survey where we will try to establish fleet size and make-up, current maintenance estimates, and the effects of downtime. We will also scout performance improvement areas for your equipment. At Tri-Lift we acknowledge that every operation is different and therefore we cannot go into any operation with a preconceived notion of what will work for you.

Step two: After each survey has been completed the results are discussed collectively by a team of our parts specialists. Our parts specialists will weigh all aspects of your business and configure a unique and focused program based on your operation. We will take our vast experience, industry leading warranty, fleet management concepts, and all of our buying power to save you cash, time, and the headaches associated with maintenance.

Step three: After the program is explained and accepted we will implement and monitor your program. Many Fleet management aides do little more than keep track of your maintenance costs. In order to see these costs decrease it will take a continuous effort by both our parts specialists and your company to keep the costs down. Communication and the ability to change the program as your needs change are the essentials of this third step.

Our “Target Program” is currently being used by many of our customers. We have seen some customers reduce their parts costs by up to 40% as you can see if you go to our customer testimonial page. Our feeling is that if we can save our customers money on maintenance than we stand a better chance of retaining them for the long haul.

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