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National Forklift Safety Day Promotes Safety First Every Day

Forklift Safety

At Tri-Lift, we believe in a culture of safety first, safety every day. We are proud to celebrate and support National Forklift Safety Day, by the Industrial Truck Association the whole month of June.

National Forklift Safety Day brings awareness to the troubling fact that we still see thousands of workers injured in forklift accidents every year in the United States. Some of these injuries result in fatalities. 

Bringing awareness to forklift safety has helped the numbers go down, but it’s still vital to always keep safety – and proper training – as a priority. As an owner or operator of forklifts, you want to make sure that everybody goes home healthy at the end of their shift. 

OSHA regulates the safe operating and maintenance of forklifts. The importance of forklift safety training has been proven by OSHA statistics that show:

  • 25-30% reduction in accident rate due to effective training
  • 61% improvement in operator performance scores after training

Proper forklift training and an emphasis on safety first, safety every day helps prevent forklift accidents, most of which are caused by improper training, a lack of information and carelessness. Making sure your company culture puts an emphasis on safety by implementing safety meetings, regular checklists and consequences for unsafe practices help your staff understand the importance of always putting safety first.

At Tri-Lift, we offer safety training courses. Forklift operators must be over the age of 18 and must receive OSHA-compliant training and certification. All forklift operators must undergo recertification every three years or before if the operator is involved in an accident, fails their evaluation or their responsibilities change.

Tri-Lift offers OSHA-compliant training and we carry many safety related products.

Remember to safety first today and every day. For more information about our training programs, contact us today


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